This really is love Capitulo 2♥ - bellathornee

This really is love Capitulo 2♥

The feeling that makes you wonder, think and rancarte's hair both clarify thinking like shit, we all happen to us and past or is a feeling, a mood or something you never want to have as we always want to know exactly what you want, feel or expect, depends on the confusion cause you but we must never forget that feeling is what brings maturity and intelligence to solve it, to appreciate the suffering and because it teaches us to think and understand things but also the feeling of anger and lack for trying to remove it or fix it soon, just keep in mind that the good things and bringing them up bad things but things will go bad over time.

Shocked, that was the perfect word to describe my reaction when I say those words Harrie, I came at once and did not know that answer and could not say them because I just got up and went to my mother's room.

- _______! -
Miss-sorry, what was the question? -
- What is the definition of psychology? -
-Psychology is the science that studies the behavior or human behavior and mental processes. The Latin word psychology was first used by the poet and Christian humanist Marko Marulić in his book Humanae animae ratione Psichiologia of the late fifteenth or early sixteenth-
-Thank you very much, please do not disconnect from the Miss-class
-Do not worry miss, it will not be-

Although I lied to miss that I disconnected from the class, but that I can not concentrate with what happened yesterday, I am stunned by Ahun words Harrie and perhaps they feel the same or Nose but I'm completely confused.


- Hello dwarf! -

Harrie as usual placed his arm around my neck and started to walk with me towards the exit.

- What do you think? -
-Nothing, why? -
-Diguiste you loved me yesterday and now you act as if nothing had happened-
-Is what I digue and errepirnto but I also know that you are rather complicated and I will have to be pasiencia you, compels you will not let anything but now that we are waiting Anto-
- She's here? -
-Yes, look There it is, pointing to some trees which stood across the street.

We diriguimos to alla without running into Steve on the road, do not speak from that time in the cafeteria, I see it in classes and even had to emos tabajos dirigui together but never look or word, and it does not hurt me I can not hide,
Togetherwith llegamros Anto and went to my house today was Wednesday and tomorrow would be the cumpleños Harrie.

- Hey Harri! - GRTI derepente Anto.
- Tell me? -
-I am excited, tomorrow is your birthday and good .... -

It kept talking as Harri had echo the silence as he took the Brazy and raised his sleeve of his shirt emaoma degando see a big, purple and rather large.

- Who iso you this -
- ....... -
- Anto tell me! -
-Anto please tell us-
-Was my brother
-The idiot that of the other time-
- I swear I will break your face that idiot! - Harrie was red with rage.
-Children learn from what they see, Harrie made a face of confusion to what Anto said.
-Your father beats your mother right? - Repondì immediately.
- Or close your mouth or I swear I'll hit any kid that I cruze! -

Anto and I were perplexed by the reaction of Harrie and we walked up to my house.


Harrie if you break it, I swear I'll blow amenacandolo I said with a metal spatula.
'All right amenases me-not

Put the cookie jar in place and went to the sofa with Anto, place the pancakes on a plate and bring to the table in the living room and sat next to the kids, we were watching a movie about some kids, fighting and blah blah blah, I can not believe I see that movie convecieran, I get the time Anto went and left alone with Harrie.

-Good night _______ -
-Wait, I want to talk to you,
- Do you really love me? -
- Leave me alone? -
- Why ask? -
Answer me-only if-
-Never leave you in my life-
-I do not want anything happen to you-
- Why I would take something? -
-All at last something when you are with me, bend my gaze.
-I prefer to think of something to be with you than without you
- Really? -

I take my chin and lifted my look, her hazel eyes and I caught me off of them, caress my face and then I just kiss your cheek, look at my eyes again but this did happen, approached me and joined her lips with mine, now this is true, alfin someone really loves me and shows his love sincere hope that this will not only end badly, is all I want.

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